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Do You Want to Create an Amazing Future for Yourself and Others?

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What if you could design and make your own best life and also get to help bring out the deepest potential in others as well?

You can learn how to be a brilliant coach, with skills to coach anyone, anytime, anywhere, on anything with innovative Thought Conductor™ Interpersonal Intelligence Certified Coach Training.

Do you want to change lives as a life coach?

Make an impact in your organisation as an executive coach?

Create health and positivity as a wellbeing coach?

Take your career to the next level with professional coaching skills?

You will be amazed by how far you will grow by harnessing your subconscious power.

How Subconscious Intelligence Coaching Works

Neuroscience Evidence





Get Things into Action

Grow Personally and Professionally with Thought Conductor™

Thought Conductor™ Interpersonal Intelligence Certified Coach Training

Learn how to Coach the Unconscious Mind

You can step into the next level of professional & personal leadership with our certified coach training.

Learn to enhance your presence and be the change with Certified Coach Training that gives you everything you need to create a brilliant future for yourself and others.

Join our training to learn the ‘How’ of making real change happen:

A neuroscience evidence base + how to access the subconscious values, beliefs and motivations = life changing and meaningful positive change in yourself and people around you.

Grow Now with Thought Conductor™

Hi, I’m Julie Rice founder of Thought Conductor™.

Do you feel that there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Then there is room in your life for coaching and self development.

Find out how Thought Conductor’s Interpersonal Intelligence Coach Trainings can help you grow in your personal and professional life.

Julie Rice

Thought Conductor Founder

What People are Saying…

I found the Program both insightful and liberating. It was a gentle approach and use of fascinating coaching tools helped me to uncover the things in my life that had been really holding me back from reaching out for the things I value most and desire most.

K Wiseman

I have a new found confidence after the coach training. I felt accepted and listened to in a safe and non-judgemental way and learned so much about what motivates and drives me during the course.

J Checking


Price Waterhouse Coopers and the ICF took an industry wide snapshot of the coaching industry.
Read the 10 key take aways.

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