Be the Change Agent in Your Workplace with Professional Coaching

Why Coaching for Professional Growth?

Fulfil Potential in Yourself and those around You

Coaching skills and the key attributes of what make a great coach can be applied very successfully to life and work situations.

Highly effective managers and leaders use coaching to establish clear expectations, assign accountability, assess performance, and conduct coaching conversations that build motivation and get results.

Coaching skills have become more essential than ever in attaining high levels of performance in work and in life as our responsibilities in our fast paced environments have changed so dramatically.

Coaching inspires and motivates people to change, learn and be more effective as leaders.

You can learn and develop the skills of coaching to bring an impact into your work and personal life.


Price Waterhouse Coopers and the ICF took an industry wide snapshot of the coaching industry.
Read the 10 key take aways.

Managing and Leading as a Coach

This coaching training course is designed to up-skill you with evidence based coaching skills and a developmental mindset that can be applied very effectively to work and life.

You will learn the foundational skills needed to build strong interpersonal relationships and how to lead with a coaching presence that builds confidence in those around you.

Key take aways include learning emotionally intelligent communication and how to build trust and increase collaboration.

coach skills for managers and leaders

Coaching Skills for Performance

During the course you will learn how to lead yourself and others to higher levels of creativity and competence.

Further Key learnings include how to use coaching gap tools to build and expand knowledge, skills and potential in ourselves and colleagues.

You will also learn how to facilitate effective and empowering conversations that bring out the best in others.

The Key Coach Skills for Improved Personal Performance and Team Growth

Coaching skills and the interpersonal attributes of what make a great coach can be applied very successfully to life and work situations.

As more and more companies and individuals are realising the benefits of hiring coaches, so too is the acknowledgement that there are significant benefits to be gained from incorporating a coaching methodology into your personal life or into your management and leadership style.

Interpersonal Skills

Coaches have high emotional intelligence and empathy, and are good at relating to people and rapport building. A key coaching Skill is knowing how to partner.

Communication Skills

How you listen, what you say, how you say it, and when you say it impacts whether your message hits its target and whether you get the results you seek.


Coaches create strategic visions for transformation by using expert tools and techniques and models of learning and thinking to enable highly effective coaching outcomes.


Excellence in leadership requires leaving the problem solving mindset behind, instead through open ended powerful questioning skills coaches create openings in understanding and invite all of the possibilities available.


A key coach skill is being engaged emotionally while remaining non judgemental and objective. Tact and diplomacy give space for people to try things out and be creative – effective leaders accept the mistakes of themselves and others.


Key coaching skills are active listening, reflecting and clarifying – leaders who competently listen for both text and subtext, and who respond with inclusive language will improve performance and increase the enjoyment at work.

Meet Trainer Julie Rice

Hi, I’m Julie Rice founder of Thought Conductor™.

Professional coaches have highly developed interpersonal skills that can make major impacts on performance and wellbeing.

Coaching Skills include: High emotional intelligence and empathy, rapport building, developed communication skills, listening skills, questioning skills, and being non judgemental and objective.

Find out more about how you can learn these skills to further develop your personal and professional leadership.

Julie Rice
Thought Conductor™ Founder

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